About us

Charcoal burning, Vidar, Joacim IMG_0572Tancred Production is a voluntary standalone video documentation company. Our goal is to document the positive pilot projects etc. that are aimed to create a better future. We are also a bridge / network builder between those who want to be part of a work that is greater and more important than ourselves.

We already have a huge network of people working to create a better world. Worldview International Foundation which is our partner has been working for decades of development work and have the necessary experience and knowledge to now be able to create a fair work. This is very important when we want to video documenting the work underway to show that the work is success fully completed.

We also have a promotional cooperative arrangement that will give us the financial means to carry out our work. So anyone who is striving to support our promotion is also helping to fund projects that you may have as a possible desire. We will also create a fund that we can use to work we together have found necessary and often acute. It is good with money on hand to give a helping hand. Money is often a tool for a new beginning for many.

Screen Shot 06-08-15 at 07.37 PMOur focus is a day in Myanmar, formerly Burma. Our partner “Worldview International Foundation” has for many years run reserch and started mangrove planting in “Thor Heyerdahl Clima Park” in Myanmar. Planting of orchids back to nature is also an important part of their goals. Help to create an independent sustainable society. This is something that we in Tancred Production strongly believe is the future solution for putting an end to poverty challenges many see and experience now in this time of crisis around the world.

Thank you for your attention and interest. If you have questions or something to say please send it to tancredproduction@gmail.com

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