Screen Shot 06-10-15 at 08.39 PMBy U Aye Lwin, Chairman Worldview Myanmar,
Founder Member Green Economy Green Growth Myanmar,
Advisor to Nippon Foundation and Sasakawa Peace
Foundation, President Yangon Rotary Club and former
Director General ASEAN Di

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The efforts being made for the restoration and protection of mangrove on a national scale by Worldview International Foundation and Worldview Myanmar in collaboration with University of Pathein, University of Myeik and the authorities concerned of Regional and Union Government of the Union of Myanmar is in line with and in support of the aims and objectives of Green Economy and Green Growth (GEGG) Association formed in Myanmar.

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Green Economy Green Growth Myanmar (not for profit) Association was approved by Union Cabinet of Myanmar on 5 October 2012 and registered with the Myanmar Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development.

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The Objectives of the Association is “A professional not-for-profit catalytic and enabling group that will encourage and support sustainable, resilient, inclusive and equitable green economy green growth. The group will foster national and international partnerships and mobilize knowledge and resources to support the programmes and projects of the Union of the Republic of Myanmar

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In pursuit of it’s aims and objectives, GEGG held its First Green Economy Green Growth Forum in November 2011 participated by 220 participants and the Second GEGG Forum in November of 2012 participated by 500 national and international participants.

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The First and Second GEGG Forums have started the process to increase awareness and catalyze policies and projects to promote green economy green growth in Myanmar.  This is a continuous process, strengthened and accelerated with experience and knowledge gained and with the multiple benefits becoming more discernible.

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The Third GEGG Forum was held from 20th November in Nay Pyi Taw and 21st and 22nd November 2013 in Yangon. The Third GEGG Forum further its aim to move the greening process in Myanmar forward and faster.   It focused its attention on the critically important and emerging Nexus of Energy – Water – Food.

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The Nexus is imperative for green economy green growth, functioning of ecosystem services, sustainability and resilience.

To foster inclusive and equitable growth in Myanmar, increasing and improving Intra-Regional, i.e. between and among-st the 14 Regions and Divisions of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is imperative.

The Nexus will also provide increased coherence to promote Inter- Regional cooperation and integration, in particular with ASEAN and Mekong countries and beyond.

As Myanmar Chairs ASEAN in 2014 and the AEC implemented by end 2015, energy, water, food and their inter-connectedness are critical for cooperation and promoting sustained economic development and poverty alleviation.

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The aims and objectives of Worldview International Foundation and Worldview Myanmar to develop mangrove parks and mangrove “Gene Bank” in collaboration with Universities of Pathein and Myeik for research and development towards mangrove restoration on a national scale, are not only in line with the aims and objectives of GEGG but what is more important is that the “Mangrove Restoration Project” will provide practical support to GEGG’s continuous process to move the greening process in Myanmar forward and faster.

ADOPT A MANGROVE TREE (Link)Productphoto_1020x1200_Wordview_International_Foundation

  • Mangroves mitigating 3-5 times more CO2 than rainforest trees
  • Protecting lives and properties from extreme weather
  • Increasing sea food production with up to 50%
  • Filtering and cleaning water
  • Providing cooling effect and other vital eco services for life on Earth
  • Helping disadvantaged in vulnerable coastal communities with sustainable development to overcome poverty

Discover how much CO2 you as an individual produce each year 
Mangrove tree(s) in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar mitigating1 ton per tree documented in the soil and in the biomass.

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