PEOPLE’s PARTICIPATION – a critical component

Most of the beneficiaries of Worldview’s ongoing mangrove project are women.

Most of the beneficiaries of Worldview’s ongoing mangrove project are women.

It is of great importance to include people’s participation at all levels of mangrove restoration. The advantage of engaging local communities is that they will have the overall responsibility in planting, nursing and protecting the new plants, and thereafter manage the forests in a sustainable manner. The project will include training at all levels and will follow up with professional support from the universities on a regular scale.

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Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park will function as resource centers for community parks and will in addition to scientific research, develop effective management methods for sustainable forests, including alternative livelihood activities. In addition to demonstration units of cottage industry nypa palm syrup and sweetner facilities, orchid growing and bee keeping as livelihood projects, the mangrove parks will also conduct research on the use of nypa fruit and develop other nypa products to generate income for coastal communities. This will mobilize people to become active custodians for the living plants and take a leading role for a safer and better future.

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As part of a broad based public education programme, primary schools and other education institutions with link the local communities, will be key partners in awareness and information campaigns mobilizing for action.

Screen Shot 06-10-15 at 12.20 AMWorldview’s ongoing research project has already built relationship with schools in project areas and have gained valuable experience. A cartoon flyer has been produced as the first education tool. The response is very encouraging. This will be followed up with essay competition among schools in the project areas with solar lights prizes to students of the best schools. Wall papers, posters and participatory communication methods will also be introduced in local communities.

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Public Education by the use of Media:  

Radio, the main media in Myanmar will be extensively engaged to reach out to people with relevant information with tested, effective edutainment and awareness concepts. One of the radio formats will be based on “My community” model which empowers people from local communities to write and perform a series of radio dramas under guidance of a trained producer. This has proven very effective in mobilizing people for action.

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The project will also produce interactive videos made by the local communities, as well as short video spots tailor made for decision makers at all levels.

Print media and regional/national television will be included in a multimedia approach.  A docudrama in several episodes will be made for TV and CD distribution with a special version for cinema halls. The production process will be inclusive, starting with a script competition among the best drama writers in Myanmar and produced by the best drama director, with ordinary people as actors. Worldview has positive experience from using this concept in several countries as part of national public education and awareness campaigns. The project aims at total mobilization of the population at all levels to generate public trust and support for the project.

An additional contribution to the communication process will be mobilization of social media with tailor made web pages and interactive networks, including links to Facebook, Twitter and others.

Worldview’s 32 years experience in development communication will be applied in an inclusive process with relevant national partners.

Example of cartoon strip on mangrove awareness produce for distribution to school

Summary in English

Summary in English

ADOPT A MANGROVE TREE (Link)Productphoto_1020x1200_Wordview_International_Foundation

  • Mangroves mitigating 3-5 times more CO2 than rainforest trees
  • Protecting lives and properties from extreme weather
  • Increasing sea food production with up to 50%
  • Filtering and cleaning water
  • Providing cooling effect and other vital eco services for life on Earth
  • Helping disadvantaged in vulnerable coastal communities with sustainable development to overcome poverty

Discover how much CO2 you as an individual produce each year 
Mangrove tree(s) in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar mitigating1 ton per tree documented in the soil and in the biomass.

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